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Honors Program

Larimer Campus

Our honors program provides a stimulating environment where highly motivated students and faculty work together to achieve rigorous academic goals. The Honors Program was created to better serve our highly motivated, intellectually talented, academically well prepared, and/or creative students. Students that take part in honors courses are challenged to develop their full potential through a variety of educational activities, by working with a select group of dedicated faculty, and by interacting with other highly motivated and gifted students.

Program Options

Take Select Embedded Honors Courses

Embedded honors courses are regular course sections in which you can complete an additional honors project and receive an honors designation on your transcript for that course. For this option, you must successfully complete your regular coursework at an A or B level and the additional honors level projects to receive the designation. A variety of courses can be taken for honors credit each semester, and there is no formal application process for these courses. Faculty will introduce the honors project option in the course during the first few weeks of the semester. See current embedded honors course list.

Honors Program Completion

Meet the program requirements to receive a designation of "Honors Program Completed" on your FRCC transcript:

  • Apply to the Honors Program after completion of your first embedded honors course (ADD app link here). All applications are reviewed for selection by the Honors Council, and accepted applicants will be contacted and provided with program advising throughout the rest of the program. Important: All applicants must be currently participating in or have already completed at least one embedded honors course prior to application to the program. 
  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA at FRCC
  • Successfully complete at least 10 credits of embedded honors courses  
  • Complete the two-credit Honors Seminar course (offered spring semester; enrollment for accepted Honors Program students only)

You do not need to be seeking a certificate or a degree in order to complete program requirements and receive the transcript designation. Students that complete the program and a degree or certificate from FRCC will be recognized at the spring graduation ceremony.


The Honors Program aims to meet the following goals: 

  • To provide an opportunity for academically gifted students who show academic promise, intellectual energy, and motivation
  • To attract and retain students eager to develop outstanding academic skills
  • To further academic and professional growth within the institution as a whole
  • To attract and retain outstanding faculty by providing opportunities for stimulating teaching experiences
  • To foster greater depth of thought in reading, writing, and discussion with faculty that will better prepare honor’s students to complete bachelor’s degrees or to begin careers

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