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Honors Seminar

Larimer Campus

The Honors Seminar is required to complete the Honors Program, and the course may be taken at any point after your acceptance to the Program (it does not have to be at the end). The Honors Seminar is a multidisciplinary course, designed to provide an environment for faculty and students to work together towards a set of high-level learning outcomes. The seminar is taught by several different honors faculty and involves approaching a central theme from a variety of discipline areas. The theme for Spring 2014 is “Quality of Life.”  


The Honors Seminar is taught every spring as a two-credit hybrid course, with a portion of the activities for the course conducted online. Class will meet every Wednesday 4:00 – 5:20 p.m., starting the first week of the semester.  

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Honors Seminar, you must be an accepted Honors Program student. If you have not yet completed a program application, this is your first step to enrollment into the Honors Seminar. Completed applications should be submitted to LCHonors@frontrange.edu or dropped off in person to Heidi Smith, Honors Program Director in SP226. If you are already an accepted Honors Program student, please contact the Director at LCHonors@frontrange.edu requesting enrollment into the Honors Seminar. You cannot self-enroll for this course using the online registration system

Seminar Activities

Students will:

  • Undertake independent research
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Facilitate in-class discussions
  • Prepare a final product that will give evidence of their abilities to think critically across disciplines

Learning Objectives

In this course students can be expected to:

  • Demonstrate college-level research skills and critical thinking across disciplines, including the humanities, business and economics, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences by applying them in preparation for in-class discussions presentations and final projects
  • Use college-level writing and communication skills across disciplines in online discussions, in-class discussions, reference lists, and final projects
  • Exercise mathematics skills by application of these in research and analysis to final projects
  • Show fundamental scientific literacy by application of scientific concepts, terminology, research methods and results to final projects

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