project management training

Project Management: Principles for Success 

The backbone of project management is planning, scheduling, and controlling. There are well-established principles, tools, and techniques for taking these critical elements to a professional level of expertise. From the management of small to complex projects, participants will find a proven approach to shorten project duration, manage communication, report status, and keep the project on track for on time and on budget delivery.

Class Details

Class Dates:

  October 9-10, 2014 (two days)
Class Times:  

Thursday & Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Front Range Community College

Boulder County Campus

2190 Miller Drive

Longmont, CO

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Cost:   $995/person


Registration Deadline: October 2nd, 5 p.m.
10% Early Registration Discount if registered by Sept 19th.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe and recognize the critical elements of a correct project measure of performance
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the major deliverables required to achieve a project’s measure of performance
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop a project scope statement that will provide clarity and reduce the chance of scope creep
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding and use of the common techniques for planning and scheduling project work
  • Demonstrate the ability to calculate the critical path for a simple project
  • Demonstrate methods for compressing the time required to complete a project
  • Describe the benefits of establishing a project baseline
  • Describe the critical elements of risk identification, mitigation, and control
  • Describe a method for managing project changes
  • Describe methods for developing and implementing project lessons learned