Manufacturing Technology Training

This series of manufacturing training courses is designed to provide employees with a solid understanding of the equipment and techniques used in batch processing industries. Each session covers key chemistry and math knowledge critical to the operator’s role. Courses may be customized to the specific features of a company’s processes.

Liquid Conveyance

Basic chemical plant operations and the function and operations of various liquid conveyance system components, including pumps, valves, and associated piping hardware.

Measurement and Control

Instrumentation and controller components, their interfaces and applications within gas, liquid, solid conveyance and storage systems.

Heat Transfer

The three modes of heat transfer and their use in maintaining key process temperatures, steam generation, and cool water supply.

Separation Technologies

Separation techniques - including filtration, extraction, distillation, and crystallization - the principles involved, and their applications in chemical processing.

Process Documentation and Safety

The purpose, scope, impact and applications of GMP, ISO 9000, lock-out/tag-out, and hazard communications in chemical processing operations.

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