CAD Student Success Stories


Mollie Simpson

Mollie’s versatility helped her get a job with Neenan Archistruction, where she works in the design department. She has three CAD certificates from FRCC, plus an A.A.S. degree in Architectural Engineering and Construction Technology. At Neenan, Mollie works with design architects in the health-care department in hospitals and clinics anywhere in the United States. “CAD helped me a lot,” Mollie says. “I know enough about each of the programs. That’s why I got hired. I’m versatile. My AEC background lets me do everything from drafting to helping out with floor layouts.” Mollie is still a student at FRCC, taking two guaranteed-transfer classes. Her goal is to complete a bachelor’s degree in art history from Colorado State University, then go on for a master’s degree in architecture.


Rick Longcrier

Rick has more than kept up with the times. When he graduated with an A.A.S. degree, the program was called Machine Drafting Technology – and most of the work was done by hand. “We were still drawing on the board, doing ink on acetate and Mylar,” he says. Today, Rick is a mechanical designer at Air Comm Corp. in Boulder, a manufacturer of high-performance heaters and air conditioners for turbine helicopters with clients worldwide. He works with CAD software called SolidWorks 2009. “I love the work,” Rick says. “Every day is different. The pace is really fast. There’s no time to get bored.” Rick prepares design drawings for the company’s products. With today’s technology, his designs can go right from his computer to a rapid-prototype company, with the part ready for testing within days.