Interpreter Preparation Success Stories


Leora Rosenbaum

Growing up with a younger brother with Down syndrome led Leora to pursue an education in a profession where language and communication were the priority. She earned a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University and started a master’s degree at the University of Washington, but realized six months into it that she was meant for something else. “I started looking at interpreting programs and found FRCC,” says Leora, who had fallen in love with sign language in an undergraduate class. “FRCC is a very supportive, diverse community, and I liked that about the Interpreter Preparation Program.” After an internship, Leora learned that she enjoyed the educational setting. When a position at a nearby high school opened up not long after her graduation in 2007, she was excited to experience a new interpreting environment. And she’s been there ever since. “IPP helped me get where I am. And I really enjoy what I do—facilitating communication, collaborating with classroom teachers, working with students, and the challenge of the content.”


Kirk Neuroth

When Kirk was an elementary school teacher, his Chicago school had a program for deaf students, and Kirk became friends with several deaf teachers. He took sign language courses to learn the language. “I started getting involved socially with the deaf community in Chicago, and when I moved to Denver in 1999, I sought that out here, too,” says Kirk. Eventually, Kirk decided he might enjoy interpreting as a career, so he quit teaching and enrolled at FRCC. “IPP draws a diverse set of students with a range of abilities, but they really demand excellence from everyone. I appreciated that the teachers made it accessible, but not by lowering their standards.” Today, Kirk freelances as a community interpreter in many different settings and has worked as a video relay service interpreter. He also has helped teach an IPP course. “I’m one who believes that giving back is really important, so I volunteer with organizations whose mission I believe in, and teaching at FRCC is one of those organizations. I want to give back to the people I have to thank for getting me where I am.”