Paralegal Studies Success Stories



Carrie Armknecht

Carrie started her career in the legal profession as a receptionist. One day, a legal assistant was sick, and Carrie took up that person’s responsibilities. That was her start, but it was on-the-job training for 11 years. Then she came to FRCC. “I didn’t have the whole background for what I was doing,” Carrie says. “I wanted to know other areas of law, too. I learned so much in the classes about each element of the law, from contracts to torts.” She loves the contact she has with clients. “I still get Christmas cards from clients of 10 years ago,” she says. Carrie is the head of the legal assistant section of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. And she has found a “perfect fit” with the law firm she works in, specializing in personal injury and insurance law.



Diane Eneboe

Diane has worked for more than 25 years in legal-related fields, including civil and commercial litigation, foreclosures, dealer loan closing, developer contracts, Indian law, and patent litigation and filings. She was experienced, certainly, but she wasn’t certified. Now she is, with a Legal Assistant certificate from FRCC. She works for a law firm in downtown Denver. She appreciated the online and classroom structure of the Paralegal Studies program. “I loved the online elements for the flexibility,” she says. “Being in class had high points, too, in interacting with the professors and classmates. The entire curriculum was wonderful.” When she started at the law firm, the lawyer she supports was starting a two-week trial. Diane was ready. “Lawyers don’t guide you step by step,” she says. “You need to be resourceful.”



Sarah Ullmann

A professional horse trainer, Sarah wanted another skill. She was interested in law and also wanted to continue training horses. The FRCC Paralegal Studies program was the answer. At the time Sarah was in the program 10 years ago, it was all online. There was one challenge. “I wasn’t a fan of computers,” Sarah says. “I must have emailed Gerald (Rogers, the program director) 8 million times. He was right there to help me.” Sarah was hired into a Boulder law firm before she earned her Legal Assistant certificate. It was part time, allowing her to continue riding and training. She still works with the firm. A year ago, Sarah entered the Women’s College at Denver University. She maintains a 4.0 in her law and society major. She plans to enter DU’s graduate program in social work. “Coming to DU, the basics I learned at FRCC – critical thinking and close reading – more than any other, Paralegal gave me those skills.”