Pharmacy Technician Success Stories


Rhonda Wong

Rhonda started exploring a career in pharmacy while in high school. As a student at Bollman Technical Education Center, she enrolled in Pharmacy Technician at FRCC. “I liked it so much that I kept going,” Rhonda says. “I thought that FRCC had a really good program. It introduced me to the field of pharmacy. My favorite parts were mixing solutions for intravenous medicines and the pharmacology class.” Her Pharmacy Technician internships also fed her desire to make pharmacy a career. Today, Rhonda attends Regis University to finish prerequisites for pharmacy school. She is applying to pharmacy schools in Colorado, Illinois, and Kentucky. “I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, so going out of state is an option I’m considering,” she says.


Sammy Ihunwaeze

Sammy was in the third year of medical school in his native Nigeria when his name came up in the lottery for a visa to come to the United States. After establishing residency in Colorado, where he has extended family, he enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at FRCC. He has long wanted to combine medicine with pharmacy. After earning his certificate from FRCC, he worked for Pharmerica, a pharmacy that provides medications for patients in long-term-care facilities, as he continued his studies for entrance to a school of pharmacy. And, in 2010, Sammy was accepted and enrolled in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wyoming. “FRCC was a very great success for me,” Sammy says. “It was my first schooling in the United States. It was a new environment, and I was able to succeed. FRCC helped me to get where I am today.”


Flemming Vittrup

Flemming, a native of Denmark, came to the United States as an accountant and controller for a German-based company that opened an office in Atlanta. When the company for which he had worked for 23 years was bought and closed, he moved to Denver, looking for a more secure future. He enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program, completing it in January 2012. His internship with Kaiser Permanente led to him being hired when his internship was finished. “I like the management here,” he says. “It’s a good team. It’s great to be in a company looking forward to the future. It’s an inspiring environment.” The environment at FRCC was equally inspiring. “It was a great experience,” he says. “After doing my previous education in Europe, FRCC was a totally different study environment. I found FRCC to have a great support system.”