Colorado Community College Online Classes

In addition to FRCC Online courses, online courses are offered through CCCOnline. CCCOnline is part of the Colorado Community College System and offers online classes to all colleges in the system.


You register and pay for CCCOnline courses along with your other Front Range Community College classes. You can register in person or online through eWOLF, just as you would for FRCC courses. CCCOnline classes are found by selecting FRCC CCCOnline Campus in the Campus menu.

Accessing Your CCCOnline Classes

Under the Student tab in your eWOLF account, in the column on the left, there are two boxes you can use to link to your online courses. If the section number of the class starts with a "C" (usually "C11" or "C21") it is a CCCOnline class. If the class has section number without a "C", it is an FRCC class as in the following example:

 How to access online classes in eWOLF

24/7 Technical Support

Call 1-888-800-9198 or go to  For general information:

Books and Materials

You can look up required course materials here. Students can order books for CCCOnline courses online through the FRCC bookstore. They are also available at each of the FRCC campus bookstores.

All CCCOnline science courses require the purchase of lab kits for home use. They are sent your address listed in eWOLF and the fee is added to your tuition bill. Check if your class requires a lab kit.

Note: There are no open science lab hours available on-campus for CCCOnline course work.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for CCCOnline courses are the same as for FRCC online courses. See current tuition rates. Applicable fees for CCCOnline courses include the registration fee and possible digital content fees.

Financial aid awards may be applied to CCCOnline courses. Please contact your campus Financial Aid office for information.