Online Classes & Degrees

FRCC offers many classes, degrees and certificates for students who want to take online courses.

Online Classes

You can view the most up-to-date information for online classes offered this semester by using our class search engine. See a short video tutorial about how to use the class search.

You can also view a list of online courses offered this semester by downloading a class list (spreadsheet). Once you are in the spreadsheet, click the “FRCC Online Courses” and “CCCOnline Courses” tabs at the bottom of the page.

Online Degrees & Certificates

See all degrees and certificates you can earn taking only online classes at FRCC.

How to Sign Up For Online Classes

STEP 1: Enroll at FRCC

If you have not yet enrolled as an FRCC student, follow these instructions on how to get started at FRCC. (The enrollment process is the same for all students, whether you are taking classes in a traditional classroom, online or both.)

STEP 2: Registration

Once you are enrolled and accepted as an FRCC student, you can register for classes. See how to register for classes.

STEP 3: Orientation

Students who have registered for their first online class at FRCC are required to complete an orientation to online classes.




















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