Late Start Classes

What Are Late Start Classes?

While a majority of classes start at the beginning of the semester, there are some classes that start later in the semester. You can register for these classes in eWOLF before and after the semester has started. 

Download late start class list (spreadsheet).

When Are Late Start Classes Offered?

  • Most guaranteed transfer courses that start late (e.g. English, math) begin in:
    • February for Spring semester
    • September for Fall semester
    • CCCOnline 2nd Term
  • CCCOnline 2nd Term are online classes that start in March for Spring semester and in October for the Fall semester.
  •  Many courses in career technical programs (e.g. nursing, welding, etc.) are offered in non-standard time-frames.

To register:

  1. Log in to eWOLF and click on Look Up Classes on the Student tab.
  2. Select your term.
  3. Click on the Advanced Search button.
  4. To select all subjects, select the first Subject and press Shift-End. Or select certain subjects using the Ctrl key.
  5. Use the Ctrl key to select late start part of terms:
    • February (Spring)
    • September (Fall)
    • CCCOnline 2nd Term
    • 2nd Bi-Semester
    • 2nd Tri-Semester
    • 3rd Tri-Semester
  6. If you see a checkbox, select and register for the class. If the class you want is closed see how to get on a waitlist.

Please note that not all classes and subjects are offered as a late start at all campuses.