• If an answer to a question is zero, enter 0. Don’t leave the question blank.
  • Most questions on the FAFSA will tell you if the answer(s) can be pulled directly from your tax return.
  • Report names exactly as they appear on Social Security cards.
  • Double check your Social Security number when entering it (both your name and your SS# will be run through a database match).
  • The FAFSA will ask you about your enrollment plans (full-time or part-time). If you are unsure, report full-time.
  • If a question does not apply to you, select the appropriate response or enter 0 if it is asking for a dollar figure. Do not leave the question blank.
  • Enter a valid e-mail address for both you and your parents (if applicable).
  • If you or your parents have not filed taxes yet, it is acceptable to enter estimated or prior year information. When asked about your filing status, enter “will file.”
  • You can file your FAFSA even if you haven’t completed the admissions process. You will not receive a financial aid award until you have been admitted to the school.
  • Keep a copy of all correspondence you receive from the Department of Education and from Front Range Community College.

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