Financial Aid for Books

Using Financial Aid for Books

Students who have been awarded financial aid that exceeds the cost of tuition and fees may use some of this excess to buy books. Some students will not be eligible to buy books with financial aid funds if:

  • Their scheduled financial aid disbursement is not enough to cover both tuition and books.
  • They are not eligible for financial aid because of their Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • They filed their FAFSA just prior to the start of the term and they have not been awarded yet.
  • They are scheduled to receive alternative student loans only.

Announcements are made via eWOLF to inform students when bookstore accounts open at the beginning of each semester.

Books for On-Campus Courses

Students should log into eWOLF and obtain a copy of their class schedule, then take that schedule to the bookstore to purchase their books in-person at the bookstore using financial aid. The computer at the bookstore can see your financial aid available.

Books for Online Courses

Students who are taking online classes only are still eligible for bookstore accounts. Whether you are taking CCConline courses or FRCC Online courses the process is the same. Books can be ordered through your eWOLF account. See how to order books for online courses. If you use this option, your books must be shipped--you cannot order online, then pick-up your books at the bookstore.



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