Bookstore FAQs

What campus should I purchase my books from?

It's best to purchase your textbooks at the campus where you will be taking class(es). Each campus carries textbooks selected by instructors, and thus, books will vary by campus. Books for FRCC Online courses are offered at all of our bookstores.

Why do you offer two different buybacks per semester?

The first type of buyback is a store buyback. This is usually at the end of each semester during finals week. The bookstore will purchase books that can be used for the upcoming semester. We pay up to 50 percent of the new or used purchase price of the book(s).

The second type of buyback is a wholesale buyback, during which a company purchases books that are needed at other colleges across the U.S. Prices are determined by supply and demand of the title, usually one-third of the price of the new textbook.

Buybacks are an opportunity for you to receive cash for your unwanted textbooks, however, there is no guarantee that you will receive any money. We reserve the right to refuse any textbook that does not meet our criteria. A receipt is not necessary to sell books at buyback.

When are textbooks available for each semester?

Most textbooks are available three weeks before classes start. We stock both new and used books, when available. Used books typically sell out first and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not reserve books.

When will my financial aid book voucher be available for me to use?

Please check with a financial aid counselor for this information. Please remember to bring your student ID card with you when you are ready to purchase items with your financial aid book voucher.

How do I know which books I need?

Please bring your class schedule with you to ensure you are purchasing the correct textbooks. Different sections of a course may use different textbooks, and the only way to know you are purchasing the correct textbook is by having your class schedule in hand at the time of purchase.

What forms of payment are accepted in the bookstores?

We accept cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, checks (with your student ID card or driver’s license), and, when available, financial aid book vouchers and third party charges. We also offer gift certificates.

Why do I need to keep my receipts?

A current receipt is required for all returns and exchanges made during the refund period (this date is on your receipt). It’s a good idea to keep your receipts for income tax purposes or if another party is reimbursing you for your purchase.

Who selects the textbooks for the FRCC bookstores?

Course materials are chosen by each instructor or department. Instructors choose texts that will best supplement, amplify, expand, and enrich the information presented in class.

Why should I purchase textbooks?

Textbooks and course materials inform and guide students toward classroom success. Textbooks are a 24-hour-a-day resource that gives students access to the knowledge, insights, and experience of subject matter experts. Textbooks are carefully developed to deliver information in an organized format that is readable and appealing.

Why do textbooks cost so much?

Many factors affect the price of a textbook, including author royalties, publisher costs, marketing, and free ancillaries for faculty, such as desk copies or other materials. Cost breakdown  

Which are better: new or used textbooks?

This is a matter of preference. Most used textbooks are priced at approximately 75 percent of the new textbook price. These books are less expensive, but may contain writing, highlighting, or other marks. Many new textbooks come shrink-wrapped with other materials that can be helpful studying tools. When purchasing used books, these items are not always included. Some textbooks are only stocked new either because the book is a workbook or includes other materials that the teacher requires for the class.

What is the difference between a “buyback” and a “return”?

A "buyback" is done at certain times of the year—usually the beginning and the end of a semester. During buyback, you can sell your unwanted textbooks in exchange for cash, and you do not need your receipt. If there is a need for your unwanted textbook, you will be offered an amount; however, we reserve the right to refuse any textbook that does not meet our criteria. The bookstore pays up to 50 percent of the new or used purchase price. If we do not need the book, a wholesale company might offer one-third of the new purchase price. In some instances, the textbook may have no value.

A "return" is available for a limited time–usually the first few days of each semester. To return a book, you must have your receipt of purchase. You may receive a full refund or exchange your item (other restrictions apply; please see refund policy on your receipt).

Can I have my textbooks shipped to me?

Yes, you can order your textbooks online and have them shipped to you. There will be a shipping charge. We accept Visa or MasterCard. Please visit the textbooks link of your campus to order.

What is the difference between FRCC and CCCOnline courses?

FRCC online courses are taught by FRCC instructors and have sections that begin with number 500. Our bookstores stock textbooks for these classes. Please see the Online Learning section in the current semester schedule for more information.

CCCOnline courses are offered by an independent branch of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). These sections begin with a letter C followed by two numbers (such as C12). FRCC bookstores do not stock all of the textbooks for these courses. Please see the CCCOnline section in the current semester schedule for more information on how to order your textbooks.

What is a “hybrid” course?

Hybrid courses meet in the classroom about half the time and online the other half. Tests may require classroom attendance.

What do the different section numbers mean?

Section numbers are the three-digit numbers that identify what campus the course belongs to.

Boulder County Campus
Classroom courses 100-199. Hybrid courses 200-249.

Larimer Campus
Classroom courses 600-699. Hybrid courses 700-749.

Westminster Campus
Classroom courses 000-059. Hybrid courses 060-079.

Brighton Center
Classroom courses 400-449. Hybrid courses 470-489.

FRCC online courses

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