Textbook Refund Policy

Textbooks purchased for all courses must be returned by the published course drop deadline. See below for the most common class sessions and deadlines. Please note: some course sessions are of lengths other than those listed below. Please check your class schedule or course syllabus for the drop deadline for your course(s).

Fall 2014

Class Session Last Day to Return Books
1st 5 weeks August 22
1st 7.5 weeks August 24
1st 10 weeks August 27
Weekend September 1
15 weeks September 2
CCCOnline (1) September 17
2nd 5 weeks September 27
2nd 10 weeks October 3
CCCOnline (2) October 16
2nd 7.5 weeks October 17
3rd 5 weeks November 2

Receipt Required for All Refunds and Exchanges.

All merchandise other than textbooks and course materials must be returned in original condition within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund. The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

  • Shrink Wrapped Textbooks/Merchandise that has been opened
  • Course Packets/Kits that have been opened
  • Computer Software/Electronics that has been opened
  • Reference Books/Study Aids
  • Stethoscopes/Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Clearance Items/Bargain Books
  • Special Orders/Special Order Deposits


Purchases made by cash or check will be refunded in the form of a check. Purchases made by credit card within the bookstore will be credited back to the same account number. Your credit card must be presented to receive refunds.