DSST Credit by Exam

The DSST (formerly DANTES) credit-by-exam program gives students the opportunity to receive college credit for life experience as a form of prior learning assessment. Recommended for credit by the American Council on Education, the 38 DSST exams are offered in diverse subject areas such as health, ethics, finance, and technology.

FRCC is an open DSST exam site. Any person requesting testing will be served. Students may send their scores to any institution that accepts DSST credit.

Please Note: DSST credits are now accepted as part of a degree - with or without designation - at participating colleges in Colorado. Please check with your institution to see if they accept the DSST exam for credit. We recommend talking with an advisor prior to taking a DSST exam. See DSST credits accepted at FRCC January 2009 to present.

Why take DSST exams?

  • Reach your career goals. Use DSSTs to help you earn your degree, get a promotion, or simply demonstrate you have college-level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work.

  • Improve your chances for college admission. Each college has its own admissions policies. Having a passing score for DSSTs on your transcript can provide strong evidence of how well you perform at college level.

  • Gain confidence performing at college level. DSSTs can show you how successfully you can compete in the college environment because you will be compared with other current college students.

  • Make up for courses you have missed. You may be a few credits short of earning your degree. Take one or more DSSTs and graduate on time. 


For more detailed information about the exams and their content areas, including practice tests, please visit www.getcollegecredit.com.

Fees and Registration 

Larimer Campus

The cost is $25 to FRCC and $80 to DSST. You may pay the $25 to FRCC by check or cash. The $80 fee to DSST may only be paid with a credit card. To register for a DSST test, please complete this form.

Boulder County Campus

Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a DSST exam at the Boulder County Campus.

Westminster Campus

Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a DSST exam at the Westminster Campus.