Tests for Online Classes

Taking Tests at an FRCC Campus

Students taking an FRCC online course that requires exams to be proctored can come to one of our campus Testing Centers on a walk-in basis.

Taking Tests at Another Location

The FRCC Online Learning program offers students the option to have tests proctored at local sites convenient to them. Students must take their exams at an institution of higher education as approved by the Westminster Testing Center staff. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for test proctoring outside FRCC testing centers.

To arrange for a non-FRCC test proctoring location:

  1. Locate a suitable community college or other university. If a college testing center cannot be located, please contact the Westminster Campus Testing Center to discuss other options.
    • Locate community colleges in the USA by state, or locate universities worldwide.
    • The proctor cannot have a prior relationship with the student (i.e. friend, family member, tutor, etc.).
    • The proctor must provide a secure, quiet and supervised area for testing and internet access if the exam is online.
    • The proctor must agree to certify that specified time limits and any requirements or prohibitions for materials or equipment are observed.
    • If the proctor charges a fee, payment is the student’s responsibility.

  2. Submit this form to request approval for a non-FRCC proctor at least a week BEFORE the test opens. It is imperative you do not wait until the last minute.
    • Westminster campus testing center staff will verify the proctor after receiving this form submitted by the student.
    • Proctor arrangements cannot be made through FRCC instructors.
    • If you have already submitted a form earlier in the semester for a particular class (e.g., MAT 122, Sect. 500), you do NOT need to resubmit for each exam you need proctored for that particular class. We will automatically send test materials as we receive them from your instructor throughout the semester. If you have any questions about this, email wctesting@frontrange.edu.

  3. Receive approval of non-FRCC proctor.
    • Westminster campus testing center staff will verify the proctor after receiving proctor information from the form submitted by the student on this page.

  4. A few days prior to your test, contact the proctor location to confirm that they have received your test materials from FRCC. Do NOT show up to your proctor location without verifying this.

  5. Take your test.
    • Bring your FRCC student ID # as well as your FRCC Wolf Card or current, government-issued photo ID when you test (ex. Driver’s License; Passport).
    • If you are taking a paper/pencil exam, be sure to bring a 9”x12” envelope with appropriate postage to give to your proctor. To calculate postage from your proctor location to FRCC, Westminster Campus:
      • Visit http://postcalc.usps.com/
      • Complete the top section with our zip code 80031, plus your proctor’s zip code
      • Leave #4 portion blank because you only need "1st class"
      • Select "large" envelope
      • Type in 5 ounces
      • Select continue at the bottom
      • Don't fill in anything on next page - just select "continue"
      • Choose "1st class mail option" in the blue bar towards the bottom
      • USPS should quote you approximately $3-$4 in postage you should put on the envelope, depending on where your proctor is located.