Tutoring at Westminster Campus and Brighton Center

Individual Tutoring

We offer individual tutoring free of charge to eligible students. The names of private (not free) tutors are available to those who do not qualify for free tutoring services, or who wish to hire their own tutor. For a list of private tutors, please contact Leah Lucarelli by email or phone (303) 404-5043.

How To Request Individual Tutoring

  1. Download, complete and sign the Tutor Request Form.

  2. Get your instructor’s signature on this form; a tutor cannot be assigned without the instructor's signature.
    •  If you are taking an online course, have your instructor e-mail the tutoring office on the campus where you would like to be tutored. The email must include your current grade in the class.

  3. Return your form:
    • Westminster Campus students—deliver to the Special Services/Tutoring office C0160
    • Brighton Center students—send the form to the Westminster tutoring office by fax to (303) 404-5150, scan and send via email, or send via intercampus mail
    • Online students—email/deliver your forms to the tutoring office at the campus where you would like to be tutored

     4.    You will receive names of potential tutors by email within three
           days. You will need to contact the tutors, choose one, and then
           make arrangements to meet on-campus or in a library for your
           tutoring sessions.

Free Tutoring Eligibility

You will continue to be eligible for free tutoring sessions as long as you:

  • Attend class and tutoring sessions regularly.
  • Attempt to complete your homework before all tutoring sessions.
  • Arrive at all tutoring sessions on time, and be prepared to work with your tutor.
  • Note: Eligibility for tutoring in math classes requires six hours logged in the math lab for all students.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring is available in a variety of courses, such as Biology, Spanish, and Accounting. Contact us for this semester's schedule. 

Helpful Information