Larimer Campus SGA

Student Government Association at Larimer Campus

The Student Government Association is a forum for all students to impact their college environment. Members of the Student Government Association address issues relating to student rights and FRCC policies and procedures and are part of a statewide network dedicated to building better student government. The Student Government members strengthen their organizational and personal skills and gain valuable experience that will apply to other roles they assume in their lives and careers.


SGA meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff. During the academic year, SGA meetings are from 4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. Mondays in the Student Center East conference room.

For more information or to fill out an application, please contact one of the advisors: Mary Branton-Housley.

Executive Officers

President, Madison Gruber

The president is a non-voting member who acts as the primary liaison between campus administration and the Student Government Association and participates in SGA sponsored and/or co-sponsored events.

Vice President, Jeremy McReynolds

The vice president is a voting member who shares some of the president’s duties and responsibilities in the event that the president is absent or the presidential position is vacant.

Secretary and Treasurer, Benjamin Leach

The secretary/treasurer is a voting member who maintains the integrity of SGA's records, funds, and participates in events. At SGA meetings, the secretary is responsible for keeping minutes (and distributing minutes from the previous meeting) and preparing an agenda for the following meeting. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining an accurate budget of SGA's finances.

State Student Advisory Council Representative, Taryn Flack

The State Student Advisory Council representative is a voting member who serves as the liaison between Front Range Community College and other community colleges in the state of Colorado.

Legislative Representatives

Legislative representatives are voting members who bring ideas and concerns before SGA and participate in events.

Current Legislative Representatives: Siobhan Brandsma, Caitlin Veenendaal

SGA Additional Funds Request

Student clubs can request additional funds for activities, events, travel, or programs hosted by the club for which the current club's funds does not cover. All criteria and requirements are listed on the request form, located here. Please review the request form thoroughly. Any questions may be directed to Lisa Wegener.


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