Gateway to College

Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Attend a mandatory information session

Reserve a spot at an information session by calling (303) 404-5700. Attendance is mandatory. 

Step 2: Attend a two-day evaluation session and complete an application packet

Evaluation Session:

The evaluation session gives you the opportunity to show us that you have the reading, writing, and math skills necessary to succeed in a high school/college academic environment. Each day will be about 2.5 hours long, and you must attend 100 percent of the sessions. You cannot attend an evaluation session without attending an information session first.

  • Ask your high school counselor to complete the Student Referral Form.
  • Request a copy of your transcripts from all high schools that you have attended and attach it to this packet.

Application Packet:

Bring all of your application materials with you, including:

  • Application – Complete and sign
  • Essay – See page 5 of the application
  • Transcripts - Request a copy of your transcripts from the last high school you attended.
  • School District Form - (page 7 of the application) Ask your high school counselor to complete this form.


Step 3: Participate in an individual interview

Your interview will be with a Front Range Community College staff member. This is our chance to get to know you in an individual setting and learn more about your strengths and motivations.


Step 4: Selection committee review

The selection committee will evaluate all applications for the following: 

  • Applicant meets all the eligibility requirements 
  • Application is complete and all application materials were turned in by the deadline 
  • Applicant achieves the minimum standard scores on all evaluations 
  • Applicant displays positive behavior, attitude, and participation at the evaluation sessions and during any follow-up interviews 
  • Applicant displays a commitment to completing the Gateway to College program

Step 5:
Program acceptance

If accepted, you will be called to arrange an acceptance meeting. At that meeting you will receive the following documents: 

  • A letter of acceptance 
  • Your class schedule 
  • Contact information for your resource specialist 
  • Information about books 
  • A student handbook 
  • A semester calendar

If you have not heard from us within three weeks of your interview, you may check your acceptance status by calling us. Do not wait until the first day of classes to check on your acceptance status.

Helpful Information