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Cecilia Gowdy-Wygant, Ph.D.

(303) 404-5375
Westminster Campus
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Westminster Campus Social & Behavioral Sciences

Cecilia is a full-time history faculty member online and at the FRCC Westminster Campus where she also serves as the Chair of Online Learning. She has been at FRCC for four years, and has taught at the university level for eight years. She serves as the Colorado Chair for the Organization of American Historians Membership Committee and actively researches and writes on topics of environmental history and women’s history.
Teaching Philosophy
I try to bring a broad perspective to my teaching to incorporate many areas of interest including, economic, political, social, as well as racial and class perspectives. Above all I want my students to enjoy history and appreciate the value of knowledge. I like to think of myself as a “tour guide” to history. Throughout the undergraduate and to some extent the graduate experience, students need their instructors to provide a fair, balanced and broad narrative of history so that multicultural and multipolitical perspectives are exposed. Only after the broad perspective is provided by the instructor can the student delve deeper into the history of one of the “stops” on the tour. Therefore it is my job to make the “tour” interesting enough at every stop and to provide enough stops to encourage further discussion and research. One of the ways I create enthusiasm and interest in the tour of history is to explore the unsolved mysteries of people and events that are still of debate by historians. I ask my students to read a variety of famous mysteries and then apply historical knowledge to make informed suggestions on the potential explanations of events. This places the student in the role of historian and gives them basic tools for historical analysis and critical thinking that they will take with them beyond my classroom into their future lives. Thus my philosophy and strategy of teaching is reflected in such activities that include a hands-on approach to studying and interpreting the past. I feel it is the responsibility of the instructor, as both an educator and as a specialist and researcher in his/her field to facilitate the transference of knowledge for generations to come. If the student comes to the course prepared for instruction, it is my duty to provide not only the detail and conceptual frameworks for the course, but also a continual line of communication that inspires interest in the material and processes of historical research to ensure success for both the student and myself in our goals toward personal growth.
Texas Tech University, American History Ph.D.
Courses Taught
  • US History to Civil War
  • US History Since Civil War
  • US History Since 1945
  • Environmental History
  • Women in US History
Additional Information

Honors, Awards, Publications

Recent Awards:
2011 Outstanding Advisor
2011 Paragon Advisor Award – Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Recent Publications and works in progress:
Cultivating Victory: Nature, Gender, and International Cultural Transformation in the Twentieth Century
Forthcoming in Fall 2012 from the University of Pittsburgh Press
“Department of Justice”, and “Department of Labor”, Encyclopedia of American Environmental History.
Facts on File, Inc. 2010.
“Advertising”, “Future Farmers of America”, and “Intelligence”, Encyclopedia of American Women’s History,
Facts of File, Inc. (Forthcoming June 2012).
Seeking Inalienable Rights: Texans and Their Quests for Justice by Debra A. Reid (Texas A&M University, 2009).
Journal of Southern History. August 2010.
Nature’s New Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Roots of American Environmental Movement
by Neil M. Maher (Oxford University Press, 2008). Oklahoma Chronicle. Winter 2009.