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Janelle Bonavida

Westminster Campus
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Admissions and Outreach

University of Northern Colorado
University of Wyoming
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My Outreach Focus:

My outreach focus is working with high schools to help students explore the various college options available, whether that be certificate programs, an associate degree, or future transfer to another college/university for a bachelor’s degree. I also enjoy hosting campus visits, guiding campus tours, and going out to the various high schools to speak with students, parents and counselors about FRCC and all of their college options.

Why FRCC is Great:

FRCC is a great place to work and/or go to school because FRCC really is a strong community. Everyone here is committed to the same goals and everyone is always focused on what is best for students. Just walking down the halls, you will see smiling faces, signs and posters for resources, student events, or clubs to join.  FRCC is dedicated to helping students feel supported, included, and prepared for their future.

Favorite Class in College:

My favorite class in college was Sociology. The instructor was very energetic and interactive. The instructor challenged and encouraged us to explore the importance of and the theories behind social change, social trends, and cultural/social sensitivity and how they impact our every day lives.

My Story:

I grew up in Colorado and although I have had the joy of living in several places throughout the state, I am very grateful that I live close to family and friends in northern Colorado and the Denver area.  Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work in education, so my college path was focused on becoming a high school teacher. After several years in the classroom, I decided to attend graduate school so I could transition into high school counseling. As a high school counselor, I really enjoyed meeting with students, understanding their goals, helping them explore concurrent enrollment options, helping guide them through the process of researching colleges/universities, meeting with college/university representatives, and so much more. Due to numerous years of positive experiences with colleges/universities and their representatives (especially at FRCC), I eventually decided to pursue a position within higher education, which led me to an amazing career at Front Range Community College with the Admissions and Outreach team!