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Jaime Bertrand

College Now Student Services Coordinator
(303) 678-3764
Boulder County Campus
Office Location
Admissions & Outreach

Niwot High School
Front Range Community College
University of Colorado at Boulder
Additional Information
My Outreach Focus:
The majority of my work is with the students who attend FRCC while they are still in high school in our College Now program

Why FRCC is Great:
Our open acceptance and our commitment to student’s success.

Favorite Class in College:
I enjoyed most of my college classes, but I have to say that my time as a student at Front Range Community College had the greatest impact on me. It was here at FRCC that I truly learned about myself, what I’m capable of, and how I best learn. While I value my Bachelor’s degree, my Associate of Arts degree is what means the most to me.

My Story:
I had originally planned to take a break of a few years between high school and college, but after being disappointed with the job I found with only a high school diploma, I knew I needed to go to college. I’m glad I came to Front Range Community College and was able to find a job as a work-study on campus. This allowed me to work part-time while I attended school full-time. I continued my education at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and after earning my Bachelor’s degree I came back to work at FRCC full-time.