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WC-Laura Gray

Laura Gray

Outreach and Enrollment Representative
(303) 404-5295
Westminster Campus
Office Location
Outreach and Enrollment


Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY

Additional Information

My Outreach Focus:

High School Students

Why FRCC is Great:

I think FRCC is a great college because no student is the same here. Each of our students has a story. We have moms, dads, students with three jobs, 50-year-olds coming back to school after 30 years in one job, 15-year-olds getting an early start on college, and so many other unique students. Each student has their own circumstances and experiences and FRCC helps them achieve their dreams.

Favorite Class in College:

Biopsychology. I love to learn about how the brain works!

My Story:

I’ve moved eight times and have lived in six US states. People ask me if I hated moving around so much (especially during my junior year of high school). I always reply, no way! Moving so much has made me who I am today. I’ve grown to be adaptable, have met various types of people, and it has made me more adventurous and open-minded. I also studied abroad in Costa Rica where I learned to speak Spanish fluently and gained a new perspective on life. I’ve had a variety of jobs in Higher Education, the food industry, and event planning. I truly love Higher Education because I feel like I am making a difference and am helping students go to school who never imagined it possible. In my free time I love to bike, run, and rock climb and am currently learning how to make animal balloons!