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Cynthia Farmer

Westminster Campus
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Florida Community College of Jacksonville, Associates of Arts 
Florida State University, B.S. Anthropology and Sociology
Nova Southeastern University, Master of Business Administration
Nova Southeastern University, graduate Marketing concentration 
Nova Southeastern University, Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership
Additional Information
My Outreach Focus:

My goal as Director is to provide leadership and strategic direction for Westminster Campus Admissions and Outreach, employ innovative practices in recruitment and enrollment management, and collaborate across FRCC campuses and the community to connect incoming students with quality education programs and exceptional student services. 

Why FRCC is Great:

Offering a variety of programs that help students prepare to enter into a career field or transfer into a bachelor’s degree program, FRCC provides the perfect environment for students to focus on their studies and engage with their peers. 

My Favorite Classes in College:

English and Philosophy were my favorite classes while attending community college. In my bachelor’s degree program, I enjoyed Dance and participating in an excavation in my Archaeology class. During my graduate studies, I enjoyed learning the business acumen, especially Marketing and Human Resource Management. 

My Favorite Instructor:

My English Composition teacher, Dr. Margo Martin, was a major influence on me as a student in her class, and her tips on writing continued to be a guide for me throughout college and beyond. During and following graduate school, Dr. Bauhadin Mujtaba was highly influential and a positive role model for me.  Dr. Mujtaba provided much insight into helping me gain a perspective on leadership, management practices, human resources, and diversity & inclusion.  

My Story: 

I began my education journey at a community college in Florida where I earned my Associates of Arts degree then transferred to Florida State University.  I realized early on that education was a key component to enhancing quality of life for oneself, family, and community. I also thrived from learning and was inspired by the diverse talents of others. 

After entering the workforce upon graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I decided to pursue an MBA in order to gain skills and knowledge in business practices that I believed was needed to be successful in a competitive business environment.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work at the university, beginning my career in administration and working in a variety of roles including recruitment, enrollment management, and instruction. I found my passion and realized how I could contribute to make an impact in higher education.  

I’ve always enjoyed music and dance, and while I was at FSU, I took a number of dance classes and even performed in the 12 Days of Dance. I also acquired an upright bass for a period of time before purchasing an electric bass guitar and played in a rockabilly band. Playing bass was a fun retreat that provided opportunities for me to meet wonderfully creative and talented people as well as explore music genres of all kinds. I played for a variety of bands after college, but what was spectacular about this journey was meeting my husband Jon, an extremely talented musician and my inspiration. We have been together almost 20 years and have a teenage daughter, Kara, and our Schnauzer, Bentley. We love to listen to records and see live dance and music performances. We also enjoy hiking and exploring the wonders of nature in Colorado.      

Perhaps it is my passion for learning and being inspired by others that has attracted me to higher education. I am thrilled to be the Director of Admissions and Outreach at Front Range Community College. I started my education journey at a community college, now I can give back what was given to me - inspiration, knowledge, and the opportunity to learn.