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Kenneth Floyd

Boulder County Campus
Office Location
Integrated Technology

Ken began his electrical engineering career in the US Air Force, where he conducted fundamental research in high energy excimer lasers, plasma physics, and short-wavelength optics. After 12 years in the Air Force, Ken joined Hewlett-Packard Company as a digital circuit design engineer. While at HP, he helped design the floating-point math units for HP’s last generation of RISC microprocessors, and also designed integrated circuits for computer graphics hardware systems, as well as internet router chips. Ken is married with three beautiful daughters and enjoys fishing and golf.
Teaching Philosophy
Personally, I've never been able to distinguish learning from exploring. To inspire students to learn is to provide opportunities for exploration, furnish them with a few “tools”, and then point them in the right direction! I believe teachers should help students to view their education as something much more than simply the acquisition of a set of skills that will equip them for some narrowly-defined career path. Things change as society evolves. The value of skill-sets, careers, and even entire industries rise and fall, or may vanish entirely. But basic critical thinking and problem-solving skills are so valuable precisely because of their broad applicability. Education should broaden, not narrow, our lives.
Teaching Experience
2011 - Present Electromechanical & Energy Technology faculty at Front Range Community College
2003 - 2011 Engineering and Mathematics faculty at the College of Southern Idaho
1984 - 1986 Electronics instructor, US Air Force Lowry Training Center, Denver
Colorado State University, Master of Electrical Engineering, 2001
Colorado State University, Electrical Engineering, B.S., 1988
Courses Taught
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Industrial Electronics
Additional Information

Honors, Awards, Publications

"A Datapath Library for Structured Custom Design in CMOS14", Hewlett-Packard Journal, May 1994

"Fast-discharge excitation of hot capillary plasma for soft-X-ray amplifiers", Physical Review E, Vol. 47, No. 2, February 1993

"Glow discharge plasma switch controlled by a small magnetic field", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 61, No. 8, 24 August 1992

"Lasing of ArF with a microsecond electron beam", Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 70, No. 9, 1 November 1991