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Give Opportunity. Advance Community.

Group of FRCC Foundation MembersMaking a gift during the FRCC Annual Campaign is one more way you can both give opportunity and advance community. The Annual Campaign is about many smaller gifts coming together to have big impact. This year, our focus is on the Annual Scholarship Fund and the Front Range High Needs Fund.  Both options support our talented students - whether it’s through a need- or merit-based scholarship to make an FRCC education possible or through tackling emergency needs and addressing student hunger.

Giving through payroll deduction or online giving– whether it’s a one-time or monthly gift – is an easy and convenient way to make a difference.  Please support Front Range Community College. Your gift goes beyond the classroom, delivering a better future for our community. 

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For almost 50 years, Front Range Community College has been transforming the lives of students so that they can make a difference for their families, their employers, and their communities.

We’re proud of our students, many of whom overcome significant challenges just to enroll. Our students are working adults, single parents, and veterans. They’re also bright recent high school graduates whose families often cannot afford to pay big tuition bills at four-year universities. Our students work hard to gain the experience and knowledge needed to be active members of our community.

We’re proud of our alumni, who play important roles in your communities, and in your state’s economy. Our alumni are your nurses, auto technicians, EMTs, and preschool teachers. They are skilled employees in Colorado businesses, working in high-demand fields like cybersecurity, computer information systems, energy, and machining.

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