COVID-19 Mask Requirement

 FRCC COVID-19 Mask Requirement

After careful consideration of staff and student feedback, the recent CDC recommendations, and data on the recent spread of the Delta variant FRCC is currently requiring masks in all indoor public areas

Given the information available to us, we believe that this is the best next step to help us maintain our plan to return to an on-campus and in-person classroom experience this fall.

We will review this decision regularly, assessing community transmission, student vaccination rates, and outbreaks on campus. Right now, about 74% of our on-campus student body is vaccinated.

Why are We Requiring Masks?
The Delta variant of the coronavirus has become dominant in Colorado. It is more contagious than previous variants, and is now even spreading in some cases to vaccinated individuals. In light of this, we need to take steps to protect our community, including our students’ and colleagues’ young children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine. And, after finally being able to offer most classes on campus, we do not want to put in-person academic experiences at risk.

Will there be Exceptions?

Students needing accommodations should contact Disability Support Services. If you are unable to wear a mask during class, we are asking you to take online or real-time remote classes.

Students and employees will not have to wear masks outdoors. Individuals working in a room with a closed door alone can remove their masks. Additionally, students and employees may take their mask off while actively eating and drinking.  Please allow proper social distancing while eating and please put your mask back on promptly after finishing your food or drink.  If at all possible, please eat outdoors or in the dining areas on campus.

Vaccinations are Still Critical

If you are not vaccinated, please consider getting the vaccine as soon as possible. The Delta variant has substantially increased the risk for unvaccinated people. Across the country unvaccinated people make up more than 95% of COVID deaths and hospitalizations. With over 160 million Americans vaccinated, reports of complications for vaccinated people are very rare. If you don’t believe that you personally are at much risk from COVID, please still consider getting vaccinated to reduce the risk for others. Unvaccinated individuals are still by far the biggest source of spread of the virus.

Also, vaccinated students will not have to quarantine if they are exposed to someone who tests positive. Vaccines may help you avoid significant disruptions to your semester

College leadership recognizes that masks can be inconvenient and that many of us are ready to get back to a pre-COVID, mask-free world. We don’t take this decision lightly. We also know that hundreds of our students had successful semesters last year with masks and that we can have a successful on-campus learning experience with a mask requirement. We appreciate your support in keeping our campus community safe.