COVID-19 Mask Requirement

For Spring 2022, FRCC is requiring all students and staff wear masks that cover the mouth and nose in all indoor public areas, including all classrooms and hallways.

We strongly recommend that all students and staff wear either a surgical mask or an N95/KN95 mask or equivalent.

  • All FRCC campuses have plenty of surgical masks if you need one. You can get them at the welcome centers or campus safety offices.
  • Cloth mask are acceptable if they are two layers, neither of which is lace or any similar material.
  • Masks must completely cover your nose, mouth and chin and must fit snugly against the sides of your face without gaps.
  • Gaiters and Bandanas are not acceptable.
  • Masks with ventilation ports that allow exhaled air to escape are not acceptable.

Are There Exceptions?

  • Students needing accommodations should contact Disability Support Services. If you are unable to wear a mask during class, in almost all cases we are asking you to take online or real-time remote classes.
  • Students and employees will not have to wear masks outdoors.
  • Individuals working alone in a room with a closed door can remove their masks. Additionally, students and employees may take their mask off while actively eating and drinking in groups of no more than two people.  Please allow proper social distancing while eating and please put your mask back on promptly after finishing your food or drink.  If at all possible, do not eat in crowded areas. Whenever possible, please eat outdoors or in the dining areas on campus.

Why Are We Requiring Masks?

When our masks requirements have been in place, FRCC has experienced almost no spread of COVID on campus.  With the new Omicron variant causing a rapid rise in cases, masks are a key tool in reducing the spread of the virus on campus.

How Long Will FRCC Require Masks?

FRCC will continually monitor community spread of COVID, hospitalization rates, spread of COVID on campus, and public health department and CDC recommendations to determine when we can eliminate the mask requirement.  We hope to remove the mask requirement as soon as is safe and practical.