COVID-19 Testing Procedure

FRCC COVID-19 Testing Procedure 

For spring 2022, all students taking courses on campus must either submit a record of their COVID vaccination or complete weekly COVID testing.

If you have recently received your vaccination, you may submit a copy of your card below:


Upload Vaccination Card

 If a vaccination record is not submitted, students will receive information on providing test results.

Weekly COVID Testing

Students who choose testing will receive an email from each Monday morning at 8 am with instructions and a secure link to upload COVID test results.

Submitting Test Results

It is now easier to submit your COVID-19 test results to FRCC! All students and employees can get tested at the FRCC testing site on each campus. For those opting into weekly testing, results will be submitted directly to the college and do not have to upload the result. Register to use one of our testing sites today.

If you do not use FRCC on-campus testing, upload your test results each week:  

  • Each Monday morning at 8 am, students will receive an email with a unique link to upload their COVID test results. The link is set to expire at the end of the week and each Monday at 8 am, a new link will be emailed out.  
  • Select College (Front Range Community College) and “Current Student”.  
  • Sign in (use the information you use to sign in to eWOLF). If you need assistance, please contact (888) 800-9198 or the Welcome Desk. 
  • Fill in contact information and where you plan to visit on campus.  
  • Select test results (positive, negative or haven’t tested yet).  
  • Enter test date, testing location and upload a copy of test results.  
  • Sign name.  
  • Once test result is uploaded, you will receive an email verification that it has been received.  

Students can either utilize the FRCC On-Campus Testing or community testing sites. Test results must be third-party verified.

Test results are due each week by Thursday at 11:59 pm.

  • Results can be uploaded between Tuesday and Thursday each week. They must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Thursday.
  • COVID test must be taken within 72 hours of submitting results to FRCC (test must be taken between Saturday and Thursday each week). Results from outside FRCC must be third-party validated.
  • Students who chose testing will receive an email every Monday with an updated link to submit current week COVID test results. Email links will expire each Friday
  • When you test on campus you do not have to upload your test results. You will continue to receive reminders, but you do not need to upload results.

Students will be asked each week if they are vaccinated and can upload vaccination information at any time.

Students who do not submit their weekly test results could receive a warning and or other conduct sanctions.

FRCC On-Campus Testing

FRCC is offeringg free rapid antigen testing on each campus for all asymptomatic students and employees.

Positive Test Results

  • Students who upload a positive COVID test result will receive an email from FRCC indicating they cannot come to campus and will be contacted by a COVID Assistant with further instructions and resources. Students may be asked to quarantine from class for the CDC recommended time.
  • Current CDC guidance recommends that individuals who have a positive PCR test not retest for 90 days. Students who have recently tested positive for COVID and would like to be considered for a 90-day exemption from weekly testing should complete this form. Proof of a positive COVID test will be required.

Online/Real-Time Remote Students Using On-Campus Services

  • If students who are taking fully real-time remote (RtR) and online courses want to utilize on-campus services, they will be asked to provide paper or electronic documents showing COVID vaccination or negative test results. Test results cannot be more than 72 hours old.
  • If students are unable to provide current vaccination or testing information, staff will share online resources available and ask the student to utilize those options until they can provide required documentation.