#VaccineSelfie Campaign

Got Vaccinated? Help Us Spread the Word

Help spread the word about COVID-19 vaccines by telling your story. Simply take a #VaccineSelfie and upload it so we can share it on the @FRCCedu Instagram page.

Here are a few ways you can join in.

  • Take a photo or selfie of you after vaccination (with your sleeve rolled up, band aid, etc.)
  • Take a photo or selfie of you with your vaccination card. Please cover any sensitive information (e.g. DOB)
  • Take a photo of you holding a piece of paper with your reason for being vaccinated. Our text will say, “I got vaccinated because...” so you do not need to include this phrase on your piece of paper. Do write legibly, in marker, your reason for getting vaccinated. Make sure your reason flows with the opening phrase of the prompt, “I got vaccinated because...”
  • Take a video of you stating why you got vaccinated.

If you are able to take your photo/video on campus, please do. If you are on campus, please also wear a mask in your photo/video.

Here are some great #VaccineSelfie tips:

  1. Find great light! Natural light will make your selfie look great, stand near a window or get outside.
  2. Make sure to get a great backdrop. Busy backdrops, or distractions will take away from the focus, you!
  3. If you're doing a video, don't feel like you have to do it alone! Have someone help you, make sure the video is taken vertically, and speak loud and clear.
  4. Be creative and show your personality. Wear your favorite mask, your FRCC gear, or show us your favorite yoga pose. It's important that we show our authentic selves!

UPLOAD YOUR #VaccineSelfie or Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @FRCCedu*