Completing your degree is more than just a piece of paper. It’s an opportunity for YOU.


Don't Delay.

Studies show that students who delay graduation are less likely to complete their degree. Life can be unpredictable. Don’t be a statistic - we want to celebrate with you at graduation!

Taking More Credits Works

Maximizing the number of credits you take each semester is the smartest and shortest path to completing your education.

Better Graduation Rate

13% part-time vs. 26% full-time

Less Time in School

5 vs. 2 Years

Part-time vs. Full-time

Decreased Debt 

$xx,xxx Average debt for part-time students vs. $xx,xxx full-time

More Earning Potential

Average earnings

$45K vs. $38K

2-Year Degree vs. No degree

How to Complete

CONNECT with your advisor each semester.

They are your cheerleader and coach and want you to succeed!

advisor connect

USE the academic planner.

Plan, compare and outline your semesters in advance using Navigate. Once you see the finish line, it’s closer than you think!



Avoid taking classes you don't need to save money and get you to graduation more quickly. 

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GET help when you need it.

Take advantage of the academic help centers for writing, math, science, and more. If you fall behind in your classes, it's that much harder to catch up.

Academic Help

TAKE summer classes.

Summer classes are shorter (10 weeks vs. 15) and you'll save money before tuition increases in the fall semester.


Compare Program Costs, Length, Jobs

Ben - insert program comparison tool here.

Show Your Commitment - Take the Pledge

Commit to finish your education and reach your goals--for you and for your family. 

By taking the Commit2Complete Pledge you are joining hundreds of others in their commitment to complete their education.