Campus Improvements

Cast Your Vote!


Tuesday and Wednesday, March 6 and 7

Vote on These Campus Improvements:Library Render

  • More quiet study space
  • Relocate the Library from the A Building to the C Building
  • More welcoming and “collegiate” looking common indoor and outdoor space – for both study and relaxation

We've Heard You

We gathered your input through meetings, surveys,focus groups, and other opportunities to hear your voices.

For a modest increase in student fees, we propose to:

  • Move the campus store and student life around in the C BuildingStudent Commons-Render
  • Open up the commons area, add a genius bar and “let the sunshine in”
  • Add two group collaboration rooms and four study rooms
  • Relocate the library, merge it with the computer commons, and add two study rooms
  • Spruce up the community room
  • Add pergolas, picnic tables, more grassy areas and make the courtyard a more inviting place to hang out

Cost of Improvements

The estimated cost of these improvement is 5 million dollars. FRCC will cover two-thirds of that cost, about 3.3 million. The remaining cost, 1.7 million, will be covered by an increase in student fees. We are asking you to vote whether or not to increase student fees by $4 per credit hour. If you are taking 12 credits – that’s an increase of $48. Over the course of a 15-week semester that equals $3.20 a week–that's less than a small mocha.  

Information Sessions

We'll be hosting information sessions to answer your questions. We want YOU to be engaged in the process for YOUR campus. Questions?