Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is an experiential activity that brings together meaningful community service with instruction. It enriches a classroom education, teaches civic responsibility and strengthens communities.

The outcomes of these projects have positive change for the community partner and connects our students to our local workforce. Experiential learning promotes discovery while applying content learned in the classroom to the world around you.

Service Learning Classes

Service Learning credit can be earned in a variety of classes at the Larimer Campus only. See available classes.

How to Participate

  • Process for Instructor/Faculty 
  • Process for Community Partner 
  • Process for future Engaged Community Scholar 

Graduation Requirements

Upon successful completion of 45 hours of service learning, students will graduate with special honors as "Engaged Community Scholars."

This is meaningful because it will be noted on their official transcript, and students will receive special recognition at commencement.

Do you have a service learning project for our students?

Copy/instructions here about how companies/community orgs get involved.

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