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The world is changing and as we collect more and more data – the use of that information will be the base for almost everything: marketing, health care, business, and more. Front Range Community College has teamed up with IBM to build the Data Science Academy. All courses are online and are based on the latest strategies learned from IBM's Watson Analytics and Deep Learning. 

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 In This Program You Will:

  • Improve your ability to manage, analyze, and draw actionable insights from large volumes of data.
  • Build core capabilities in data mining, analysis, and communicating data in a meaningful way.
  • Use critical skills for data-driven decision making in any field.
  • Fulfill a growing cross-industry need for data scientists.
  • Get personalized help from a data scientist.

Special Pricing for Veterans:

Limited time offer- The first 25 veterans to apply will pay a one-time fee of $50 to register for any and all of the courses!

Choose from these Learning Paths:

Click on each Learning Path to see the courses, cost, and path and course lengths.

Length: 16 hours

Cost: $195

Courses Include:

  • Data Privacy Fundamentals (5 hours)
  • Digital Analytics & Regression (5 hours)
  • Build Your Own Chatbot (6 hours)

Length: 26 hours

Cost: $295

Courses Include:

  • Data Science 101 (3 hours)
  • Data Science Methodology (5 hours)
  • Data Science Hands-On with Open Source Tools (6 hours)
  • Statistics 101 (6 hours)
  • SQL and Relational Databases 101 (6 hours)

Length: 18 hours

Cost: $195

Courses Include:

  • R for Data Science (6 hours)
  • Data Visualization with R (7 hours)
  • Using R with Databases (5 hours)

Length: 24 hours

Cost: $295

Courses Include:

  • Python for Data Science (6 hours)
  • Data Analysis with Python (8 hours)
  • Data Visualization with Python (10 hours)

Length: 36 hours

Cost: $450

Courses Include:

  • Machine Learning with R (12 hours)
  • Machine Learning with Python (12 hours)
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow (12 hours)

Length: 3 hours

Cost: $150

Courses Include:

  • Blockchain Essentials (3 hours)

Length: 35 hours

Cost: $395

Courses Include:

  • Big Data 101 (3 hours)
  • Hadoop 101 (5 hours)
  • MapReduce and YARN (5 hours)
  • Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive (5 hours)
  • Moving Data into Hadoop (4 hours)
  • Apache Pig 101 (5 hours)
  • Controlling Hadoop Jobs using Oozie (4 hours)
  • Developing Distributed Applications using ZooKeeper (4 hours)

Length: 25 hours

Cost: $295

Courses Include:

  • Simplifying Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka (3 hours)
  • SQL Access for Hadoop (3 hours)
  • Using HBase for Real-time Access to Your Big Data (5 hours)
  • Spark Fundamentals 1 (5 hours)
  • Spark Fundamentals 11 (4 hours)
  • Spark MLlib (5 hours)

To Take Courses in a Learning Path:

  1. Apply for these online Learning Paths when you are ready.  There are no specific start dates.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. You will be contacted by the instructor with information to register for the Learning Path courses.

About the Instructor

Bruce Sindahl picture

Bruce Sindahl has been working with Data Analytics since his early days at IBM’s General Technology Division where he designed, tested, and analyzed integrated circuits. Later he represented IBM at UC/Berkeley, working with critical talent at Stanford, UC/Santa Barbara and Carnegie Mellon while working arm-in-arm with other American semi-conductor companies (HP and Intel, to name a few) to address America’s faltering semi-conductor fabrication sector.

Bruce started his own consulting firm in 2000 delivering data analytic and process improvement solutions to an expanding client base including Banking and Finance, Aerospace, Energy, Telecom and IT.  He enjoys playing music, hiking Colorado trails, and spending time with his family in their off-the-grid cabin in Nova Scotia.

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