It was after the birth of her third child – when she realized her family was complete but another part of her was not – that Abby began questioning her next steps in life. What could she do for a career? Where would she start? The two years Abby had spent at the University of Florida many years earlier hadn't prepared her for the workforce. And though her love had long been plants and gardening, she didn’t consider this a path she could pursue professionally. That is, not until her mother-in-law suggested it, Abby investigated, and she learned FRCC offered a program in Landscape Design.

Within a short time, Abby was enrolled here. And right away, she was convinced she’d made the right move. The small classes, the friendly campus, the skilled instructors, and the flexible schedule all made the Landscape Design program a perfect fit for her and her family. And when Abby graduated – so proud to have her three children in attendance at Commencement – she felt fully prepared to turn her passion into her profession. Which she immediately did – planting the seeds for her ongoing success by starting Botanical Living Designs, her own landscape design service.

"It was an affordable way to explore my passion, to invest in myself and see where it took me. And I learned tangible skills, not just theory. I had never experienced that before. It was encouraging to know that every single class was preparing me for something bigger in the future."