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Project Manager at Hauser Architects and FRCC Instructor of Residential Construction Drawing


FRCC Associate Degree

Like a lot of students, Curtis graduated from high school without a clear plan for his future. Only one thing was certain: He wasn’t ready to commit to the cost of a four-year college. Instead, Curtis decided to pursue what might have been a passing interest in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) had he not enrolled in the Architectural Engineering and Construction Technology program at FRCC. It was here that he found the chance to truly explore his passion – not to mention committed instructors, a community of like-minded students, and the path he’d been seeking all along.

Two short years later, Curtis graduated from FRCC with an associate degree and a great job at an architecture firm. Which eventually led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from University of Colorado-Boulder; and a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado-Denver, to land an exciting position with Hauser Architects, and to return to FRCC as part-time instructor in the subject he’s now officially mastered.

“FRCC is a great kickstarter. It can help you figure out what you want to do and where you want to go in your career. I know it prepared me for success and gave me the confidence to continue on to a four-year degree.”