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Pre-Med Student, Colorado State University


FRCC Transfer Student

Though she’d always dreamed of becoming a doctor, college simply wasn’t an option for Jennifer right after high school. Instead, family crises led her directly to the workforce where, like many in her shoes, she found only dead-end jobs. That is, until she landed a position at a thriving dental office. It was there, during on-the-job training as a dental assistant, that Jennifer’s passion for patient care was kindled and her goal of becoming a physician revived.

The question was, where to start? Jennifer researched, reviewed her options, and six years after high school graduation – now married and the mother of a toddler – enrolled at FRCC. Just a few years later, with the help of instructors who motivated her and a community that supported her, she had the credits she needed to transfer to Colorado State University as a premed student. And today? Jennifer maintains a 4.0 GPA in biomedical sciences, studies diligently for her MCATs, and plans to apply to medical school for acceptance in the fall of 2017.

Further proof that – with time, hard work and an FRCC education – dreams really can come true.

“The truth is, the teachers and the environment at FRCC are perfect for students. The one-on-one interactions with the teachers make it possible for anyone who is driven and willing to work hard to do well and get a degree or certificate. FRCC provides free tutoring. They set up class schedules to work with many different lifestyles – for those who are parents or working full time. If I could do it, anybody can.”