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  • As a new student at FRCC, you will need to take an assessment to help you get enrolled in appropriate courses unless you qualify for an exemption. There is no charge for the test. Study guides are available.

    The test consists of:

    • A mathematics test
    • A reading skills test
    • A 300-600 word essay

    Optional: Biology placement test; Chemistry placement test

    The placement test is computerized and is not timed. You can take the assessment at any of our campuses and you don't need an appointment. See location, hours and contact information for the FRCC testing centers.




  • CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States today, helping students of all ages earn college degrees faster by getting credit for what they already know. Upon receiving a satisfactory score, you can earn college credits toward your degree for each CLEP subject exam you take.

    We recommend talking with an advisor prior to taking a CLEP exam. Learn more about taking the CLEP exam.

  • Personal calculators are not allowed when taking the placement test. For certain questions, the test has a built-in calculator.

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