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  • FRCC online courses and campus-based courses use Desire2Learn (D2L), a user-friendly online learning management system. With D2L you can access online course materials and activities, and collaborate with your instructor and other students from your home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. Learn more about our online courses and how they work.

    Click here for a system check before you login

    For FRCC online courses (sections 500-599): Login to D2L at

    For CCCOnline courses (sections C11-C50): Login to D2L at

    You can also sign into D2L classes through eWOLF. On the Dashboard, click the Course Access icon.

    See D2L tutorials

  • Online classes require access to a computer and certain software. Generally, online classes require more reading and writing than on campus classes, and require students to have strong time management skills and be self-disciplined.  Online classes are not self-paced, and are normally driven by the deadlines during the semester for turning in papers, posting to discussion boards, taking quizzes, etc.

    A wide spread myth among students who have yet to take their first online class is that online classes are easier than on campus classes.  Surveys of students who have taken online classes show that they consider these classes to be as least has challenging as on campus courses. 

    The only time students may need to come to campus for an online class is if the class requires taking a test in the testing center.

  • Students can take FRCC or CCCOnline courses. Click on the links below to view more information about each option.

    FRCC Online Courses

    • Guaranteed FRCC instructor.
    • Books for classes are available at our bookstores.
    • Some classes require proctored exams so you may have to go to the closest FRCC testing center to take an exam.
    • FRCC Online Student Union is a virtual gathering space for all FRCC students.
    • Sign into classes through eWOLF.

    CCC Online Courses

    • Colorado Community College (CCC) Online classes
    • Class can be taught by any instructor in the Colorado Community College system.
    • Books for classes are available at FRCC bookstores.
    • CCCOnline courses do not require you to go to campus to take tests.
    • Sign into classes through eWOLF.
  • The orientation for students new to online classes is different than the New Student Orientation that all new students are encouraged to do when they are accepted to FRCC.  If you are registered for your first online class, you are required to complete the Orientation to Online Classes prior to starting your online class. The orientation explains how to use Desire2Learn (D2L) and provides other important information for succeeding in online courses.  We also offer a one-hour webinar students can attend online in addition to, or instead of, the orientation course.  Learn more about the Online Orientation.

  • If you are having trouble in your online class or with D2L, please contact the appropriate department below.

    For technical assistance:

    24 X 7 Help Desk

    (888) 800-9198 (toll free)

    CCCOnline Courses

    All sections starting with C are taught through CCCOnline. To login to CCCOnline courses, go to

    For all other questions:

    (303) 404-5513

  • Tuition rates at FRCC are set by the Colorado State Board for Community Colleges. Online classes require a great deal of specialized software and equipment, in addition to specialized staff to support the online technologies. Therefore, the tuition costs are greater than the costs of providing instruction in the classroom. Many students find online classes to be more convenient, and therefore worth the additional cost.  See current tuition rates.

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