Visiting Students

Do you want to take just one or two classes at FRCC to transfer back to another college/university or for your personal or career development? If so we have a streamlined admissions process that will get you started quickly.

Three Simple Steps to Take One or Two Classes:

1. Submit Application

2. Register for Classes

Register as early as possible. If your class is full, join the course waitlist and watch for an opening.

3. Pay Tuition

You will need to pay your tuition and fees or create a monthly payment plan by the payment deadline.

Note: Financial Aid is not an option for undeclared students except if awarded from a home institution as a consortium agreement.

Contact Advising
Boulder County Campus

(303) 678-3722 | Email us

Larimer Campus

(970) 204-8332 | Email us

Westminster Campus

(303) 404-5000 | Email us

Brighton Center

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