Highway Maintenance Management

Senior Seminar in Public Works and Road Maintenance

Offered at: Larimer Campus

Designed for high school seniors, this program is a smooth on-ramp to a career in public works and road maintenance.


In the spring of your senior year, take two classes at FRCC for free while you’re still in high school. Then we’ll help you get a paid internship after you graduate.
You’ll gain practical experience in public works and road maintenance by taking the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in the classroom and applying them on the job.

A Future Degree

After your internship, you can even take your college credits and apply them toward a degree in Highway Maintenance Management from FRCC—the only associate degree program in this field in the country.

Your Classes

Students learn to recognize the hazards of working in a highway maintenance environment, the proper protection to use, and how to avoid injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls, working around heavy equipment, using power tools and hand tools, and reporting requirements if an injury does occur. This is a nationally recognized industry certification.
Students learn about the tasks of a highway/road maintenance worker such as snow and ice removal, roadside vegetation control, traffic control, and general road repairs. They are introduced to the principles of asset management, preservation and preventive measures for those assets, environmental concerns, and safety for the traveling public. Students also create a resume and prepare for interviews for their internships.

FRCC Internship

The Highway Maintenance Internship Education Program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit and gain practical work experience—under the supervision of an experienced employer and college faculty member.

Students get to help design and complete work experiences that take the knowledge and skills they have gained in the classroom and apply them on the job. (2 credits)

Interns in the program also get:

  • A job under an industry mentor
  • The chance to network professionally for new employment opportunities
  • Exposure to challenging new situations you can’t experience in a classroom
  • A chance to identify—or redefine—your career goals
  • Qualified for full-time employment and CDL training

Can I get a job…

You’ll find a lot of jobs available in public works and road maintenance—anywhere in the US. These careers offer job security and plenty of opportunities for advancement.

  • Projected job growth 5-10% over the next eight years (O*Net 2020)
  • 348 annual job openings projected for highway maintenance workers in the state (Colorado Department of Labor and Employment 2020)

Tuition and Fees

This program is offered at no cost to the student.
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Highway Maintenance Management