Boulder County Campus


Welcome to the Science Department at Boulder County. The Science Department has undergone spectacular growth in recent years and has added courses in many fields of study. One unique example is our radioastronomy course, now offered as independent study, in which science students focus on unseen objects such as pulsars, quasars, and black holes.

The Science Department has laboratory coordinator technicians who support lab experiments and strive to meet the needs of students and teachers. Our dedicated full-time and part-time faculty members have received more nominations for “Master Teacher” status than any other department on campus.

Our building is currently undergoing renovations, adding classroom space to accommodate our expanding student population. Check back often for new courses and other department news and events.

Academic Programs within our Department

The Associate of Science is ideal for students who plan to major in science at a four-year institution. See A.S. degree requirements. Many of the classes will transfer to a four-year college or university.

Department Resources and Activities

Stargazing Nights

The Boulder County Campus Science Department recently acquired a new radiotelescope for its astronomy students and has the only such stargazing facility on all four FRCC campuses.

Occasional stargazing nights are open to faculty, students, and the public, at which telescopes are provided and students act as guides. Check back often for more information on scheduled stargazing nights.