English and Communication

Westminster Campus


The innovative and dedicated faculty members in the English and Communication Department at Front Range Community College teach reading, writing, critical thinking, thoughtful analysis, and verbal and nonverbal presentation skills to equip students for the communication tasks in all areas of their lives.

Good communication skills are essential to students, whether they intend to transfer to a four-year college or university or move into the workplace. Our wide variety of composition and literature courses allows students to learn more about the world and themselves through reading and writing. Further, public speaking classes teach students to express themselves in academic and professional arenas while interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication courses work with students on valuable skills such as conflict resolution, productive emotional expression, listening effectively, and resume writing or interviewing. 

In addition, we offer unique classes such as Creative Writing; Introduction to Shakespeare; Literature and Film; Children’s Literature; survey courses in British Literature, American Literature, and World Masterpieces of Literature; Intercultural Communication; and Organizational Communication, among others.  

For specific questions about the English and Communication Department or the classes we offer, please contact one of our faculty members. 

Academic Programs within our Department

The Associate of Arts degree can be earned in the following programs. The A.A. degree is ideal for students who plan to major in English, Literature, Communication, Journalism, or Creative Writing at a four-year institution.

Department Resources and Activities

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