English as a Second Language

Credit or Non-Credit ESL Classes at Boulder County Campus

We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced-level language skills classes – Reading, Listening/Speaking, Composition, and Grammar.

Our experienced instructors work with you to reach these goals:

  • To improve your speech so you can be easily understood by native English speakers.
  • To improve your listening skills so you can easily understand native English speakers.
  • To improve your reading skills so you can easily locate information and understand information and materials written in English.
  • To improve your writing skills so you can easily compose correct sentences, paragraphs, and essays in English.
  • To prepare you for non-ESL college classes at Front Range Community College.

Class Times

  • Our classes meet two times per week for 12 or 15 weeks January – May and August – December.
  • Classes are offered for 7 ½ weeks in the summer months, May – July.
  • Most of our classes are during the day; however, we do offer a few evening classes each fall and spring semester.


  • ESL class for college credit: Tuition is approx. $360/course for Colorado residents (subject to change)
  • ESL non-credit class: Tuition is approx. $375/course for Colorado residents (subject to change)

How to Register

To register for classes, attend an orientation session. The next session will be held on Wednesday, June 4, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. in room C 1658.

You will learn about our classes, register, and pay for your classes. If you are a new student, you will take the ESL Accuplacer assessment. This assessment will tell us what level of classes you should take.

Taking ESL Classes for College Credit

Learn about becoming a credit ESL student in the English Language Program. We will help you understand the enrollment process – complete the college application, apply for financial aid, COF (College Opportunity Fund), eWOLF, and answer any questions. Please bring your ID (driver’s license, permanent residency card) and income tax refund information (for financial aid).

 For More Information, Contact:

Cynthia Garcia         John Finney
Cynthia.Garcia@frontrange.edu   John.Finney@frontrange.edu
(303) 678-3846   (303) 678-3921


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