Internships & Volunteering


Internships are intended to introduce you to real life experiences and to deepen your experience in your field of study. Internships offer students the opportunity to gain practical work experience under an employer of their field of study, and to apply academic theory and skills in a low risk environment. Many career/technical programs at FRCC require internships for program completion. In addition, internships help to polish "soft skills," such as promptness, integrity, and teamwork.

To participate in an internship, students must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in their program of study
  • Maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Obtained an internship job placement prior to course enrollment
  • Completed an internship application in conjunction with a faculty advisor

It’s best to apply at least one semester before the semester of internship. Students should consult an academic advisor regarding the transferability of internship credit.

Finding an Internship

If you are interested in an internship, the best place to start is to ask a faculty member in your academic field. They will help you determine who will be your faculty advisor. The assigned faculty advisor will work with you to determine your learning outcomes, evaluate your progress, and issue your final grade.

You can also check our online job postings (FRCC Connect) for available internships or contact the Career Success Center. We get new internship and job placement sites every week.

If you are unsure of an internship you have found, contact us and we will help you assess the internship for academic integrity and safety.

Job Shadowing

Learn from someone already doing the work. Job shadowing can give you a better idea about what a specific job entails. With job shadowing, you can decide for yourself whether the job is a good fit for you.

Contact us to discuss job shadowing opportunities.


Never underestimate the power of volunteering. First, the volunteer positions we place you in are of service to others. Second, like job shadowing, you can see for yourself whether the sector in which you are volunteering is a good fit for you. And third, what you’ve read really does happen: Some people can turn a volunteer position into a job.

Contact us to learn about volunteering.

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