Register for Classes

What do I Need to do to Register for Classes?

New Students: See your checklist

Once you've completed your checklist, you will search for classes, create your schedule and register for classes in eWOLFSee step-by-step instructions or tutorial videos.

Where Can I Find the Class Schedule?

All class schedule information is available online and can be accessed from this page. To see what classes are offered each semester, log in to eWOLF and click on Look Up Classes on the Student tab.  

Download this key for how to read class information online. Download text-only key.

Download LATE START FALL class list in Excel spreadsheet  

Where Can I Find Important Dates?

Where is My Class?

FRCC has multiple campuses and locations so you need to be aware of where your classes are held. Use "Advanced Search" to select a campus before searching for classes. After searching, pay close attention to the location code. See this key to the campus/location codes.

Are there Class Fees?

Some classes have additional fees for lab kits, high cost features, or other supplies. See a listing of courses that have additional fees.

See all tuition rates and campus fees.

Is there Info about the Class I Need to Know?

Many classes have important notes such as special equipment, knowledge, prerequisites or co-requisites, or other requirements for taking the class. Click on the CRN to see the class notes.

All prerequisites or co-requisites are listed in the course descriptions in the college catalog

Some classes are offered in pairs and require registration of all courses at the same time. This can be a Learning Community where you take two different classes back-to-back or a co-requisite which is a course that must be taken at the same time or in the same semester as another course.

Need Help Building Your Schedule?

Download this template (Excel) to help you create your class schedule. You may want to go over your options with an advisor prior to registration.

Class Information