Financial Aid Steps

How to Apply

Applying for financial aid may seem like an intimidating and confusing process, but by being informed about the steps of the application process and how our office determines eligibility, you can avoid delays in receiving your financial aid. We put together a list of simple steps to follow that will help you through the application process.

We also provide students information on where they are in the application process through eWOLF and through email notifications. See how to activate your student email account.

See Important Dates for information on priority consideration, class start and end dates and add/drop deadlines. Click on any of the steps to find in-depth information about applying for financial aid.

STEP 1: File a FAFSA & Apply for COF 

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step in applying for financial aid. This application needs to be completed each year you plan to attend Front Range Community College. By adding our school code (007933) to your FAFSA, the Department of Education knows to send your information to FRCC. Although we accept FAFSA's year round, you must apply by our priority consideration date of April 1st in order to be considered for all need-based aid, including state and institutional funding.

All Colorado Residents should also be sure that they have filed for the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF), which can be used to reduce the amount of tuition paid at FRCC.

STEP 2: Provide any Requested Documentation

Once the Department of Education sends us your FAFSA record, we will review the information and may ask for additional documentation to determine your financial aid eligibility, a process called verification. Over 30% of all applicants are selected for verification.

STEP 3: The Financial Aid Office Reviews Your Eligibility

Once we receive all requested documentation, our office will review your financial aid eligibility. Corrections may be made to your file depending upon the information given. If you see that the school has made a correction, do not make changes to your FAFSA. You will want to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine what was changed and if any additional corrections are necessary.

STEP 4: Review Your Financial Aid Awards

Once you have been awarded you will be asked to review our Terms and Conditions of any financial aid award. This covers the details to maintaining your financial aid eligibility. You will also want to look to see if the awarded amount is enough to cover your tuition and fees.

STEP 5: Watch for Funds to Disburse

Once the semester starts and after the end of the add/drop period for the 15-week term, we will disburse funds toward any outstanding balance that you have with FRCC. Within 10-14 days of the funds disbursing toward your balance, a refund will be available on your Higher One account (or any other refund preference of your choosing). Anything above what is owed to the school will be refunded to you.

STEP 6: Learn What to do to Maintain Your Eligibility

Learn about the policies that measure Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and other policies so that you can avoid missing future financial aid at FRCC.

Steps in Financial Aid