College Opportunity Fund (COF)


The state of Colorado pays a portion of the total cost of higher education for Colorado residents attending Colorado public institutions for their undergraduate degrees. You must request the state-pay portion of your tuition, but you only have to apply once. You must authorize the use of the funds at each school you attend. At Front Range Community College, you can authorize COF through your online student account.

To Enroll in COF:

You will need your Social Security number or alien registration number and you must provide one of four types of identification:

  • Colorado driver's license or Colorado identification card
  • U.S. military card
  • U.S. military dependent ID card
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card

How COF Works:

  1. Eligible residents sign up at the COF website.
  2. When you register for classes, you must authorize which classes you want your COF stipend to pay for individually—or you can give a lifetime authorization. Apply your COF funds through the Student Tab on eWOLF.
  3. Once Front Range Community College receives COF confirmation from the Colorado Department of Education, your student account is credited with your COF stipend.

The information provided by you on the application will be verified by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

If you need any additional information or are having problems authorizing your College Opportunity Fund, please contact your campus Admissions and Records Office.