Tutoring at Larimer Campus

The FRCC Larimer Campus offers one-on-one tutoring free of charge to eligible students. A list of private (not free) tutors will be provided to those who do not qualify for free tutoring services, or who wish to hire their own tutor.

To request personal tutoring:

  1. Download, complete and sign the Tutor Request Form.
  2. Drop off the form at the Learning Opportunity Center (BP 102). Your tutor will contact you to coordinate tutoring times.

Tutoring Eligibility

Getting Started with a Tutor

  • IMPORTANT: Students receiving a free academic tutor for the first time are required to complete three (3) half-hour appointments with an academic mentor in the Learning Lab, to discuss individual learning styles and successful learning strategies.  By signing the Tutor Request Form mentioned above, you agree to complete this requirement.
  • To sign up for your initial Learning Lab session with an academic mentor, you may: visit the LOC Front Desk in BP, Room 102, call 970-204-8112, or email us. “Drop-ins” to the Learning Lab are also strongly encouraged.
  • Most students will be working with their academic tutor concurrently with an academic mentor in the Learning Lab. For best results, we ask that you complete the mandatory three half-hour mentor sessions within the first four weeks following your academic tutor request. 

Continuing with a Tutor

You will continue to be eligible for tutoring sessions as long as you:

  • Meet with an academic mentor in the Learning Lab three times each semester.
  • Attend classes and all tutoring sessions regularly.
  • Attempt to complete your homework before all tutoring sessions.
  • Arrive to all tutoring sessions on time prepared with specific questions.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a resource that is also available separately from the academic tutoring program. You do not need an appointment to visit the Learning Lab; just check the current Learning Lab schedule. Remember, you are not limited to three sessions with a Learning Lab academic mentor.  You may use the Learning Lab anytime you have a learning issue or question.  The Learning Lab is free to all FRCC Larimer Campus students. 


If you have questions, please contact Michael Dreher, Learning Lab Coordinator, at 970-204-8180 or by email.

Helpful Information