Request Student Incomplete D2L Course Access

To request Incomplete course access for a student in Desire2Learn, you will first need to complete an Incomplete Grade form and submit that to the Records office. You can download the form here.  
Note that this D2L Course Access form is not the required official form. This is used only to grant a student access to a course shell to complete work.

Instructor Name:


Instructor S-Number:



Instructor Email:


Instructor Phone:


This student will be enrolled in:  

Dept, Number, Section of Incomplete:

Example: ART101502


Semester of Incomplete:
Example: FA11


Dept, Number, Section for Makeup Access: 

Example: ART101502

Semester for Access for Makeup Work: 

Example: SP12


 Student Name:



Student S-Number:



Student Email:



Start Date of Access:


End Date of Access:



Please provide any details that would be helpful. If you are seeking an alternative solution to a holdover of the incomplete course, include details here.  (e.g. enrollment into a section in a subequent term.)

I hereby affirm that I have completed the official "Incomplete Grade" form and submitted it to the Admissions and Records department.